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toBlue is a furry webcomic created by Jan Medi. It follows the life of a college student named ??? going through life. It takes place between September 2010 - June 2013 in a semi-realistic setting.


About the Author

The Anthrartist

The picture about is a very accurate rendition of what I look like when I draw. All epic in my lair.

Hi, I'm Jan Medi. I grew up in Vegas and currently go to UNLV as a computer science major. I'm 18, male, 5'1" and...actually there's a bit I could tell about myself, but, hey, what is this? Myspace? No, you came to read about my comic. Unless Tails or I told you to come here from Chatroulette. In which case, here's my email if you want to keep in touch: Anthrartist@aol.com. Or join the Comic Facebook Group or my Personal Facebook Page or join the Forums.

I've been drawing a comic, dubbed the Medi 2012 series, for about 2 years. Though it's been in my head for about 6 and bits of it for even longer. I created toBlue as a semi-more professional way to tell that story.

I've been video gaming my whole life. Mostly Nintendo. So, you'll be seeing that quite a bit in the story. No, it won't be biased fanboy babble. But, you'll definitely see that preference.

Oh my gosh, I'm a human?! So I'm a dragon stuck in a human body waiting to be reborn and I'm a furry, but I fall more into the tame end of the spectrum. Apparently furries aren't real, but since this is my universe, I can shape stuff into my own liking. I think this comic comic could be pulled off with humans. But it wouldn't be as cute.


Q: So you're name is Jan, right?
A: That is correct.

Q: And the main character's name is Dan?
A: That is also correct.

Q: So, are you Dan?
A: No.

Q: But, he seems to act like you.
A: God created man in his image, did he not? As does an artist to his work.

Q: He resembles the main character from your old comic, Medi 2012, whose name was Jan.
A: Resembles? Sure. But as you can see from the image below, they are not the same. And another thing you may notice is a different last name.

Compare and Behold!

In fact, here's a full picture of the Jan character model:

Jan Medi

Q: You voiced Dan in Ch. 01-05-
A: Alright, enough of this nonsense talking to myself.

The name Dan became finalized back in January 2010, when toBlue was just concepted. It was meant to be a huge revamp to the failure called Medi 2012. However, instead of carrying over the original Jan model, I decided to start anew. From there, a new look was made from the old. Though, I purposely made the new one look similar. However, I also carried over most of his character traits.

There was one thing I didn't want to carry anymore though; the name. However, as the uncreative person I am, I changed only one letter. Why? Well there's a funny story behind that that'll be revealed later.

But I do have some explanation. Since I seperated the character from me, I'm now able to do stuff I wouldn't dare have done in Medi 2012. The character is not me, so I no longer have to worry about making sure things line up with my real life situations and traits. So he may have been based off me, but he's now his own person.

...The old Jan model is my own personal character though.

All images, characters, and text are copyrighted ©2010 by Jan Medi unless stated otherwise.
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