Name: Dan Aker
Species: ???
Age: 19 (05-19-1991)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 105 lbs

Dan is the main character in this story. I hope you get to like him. He'll like you.

 Physically, Dan's body build is pretty small, even for a ???. His head and ribcage are about the same size. Blue and silver fur covers most of his body, but his left ear is black, as are his "eyebrows". The ears are usually facing sideways or backwards. His eyes are so blue, it’s like he’s staring into your soul.

Dan's typically fully covered, even wearing a turtle neck collar and scarf during the summer. That's fashion for you. Or something. Glasses are worn when he needs to read something far away. He has like 5 pairs. A Pokéwalker is usually attached to his bag at all times. That’s the sign of a total Nintendo fanboy. Of course, he also has his Zune HD with him at all times too.

His personality can best be described as the shy type. He's smart, nice, quiet and occasionally a little crazy. Of course, you’d never know, because it’s unlikely he’d approach you first. People who know him better can tell you how weird and fun he is. Or lack of, whatever.

He's quite the perfectionist when he wants to. But this value takes up a lot of time and sometimes tips onto the edge of obsessive. Life isn't perfect. So he whines about it; sometimes out loud to himself. For some reason, it usually happens when someone else is within earshot distance. Laziness, however, seems to strike him more than being perfectionist or whiner.

However, ???...


Picture Unavailable
Mez Wulfé

Name: Mez Wulfé
Species: Gray Wolf (Canis Lupus)
Age: 18 (03-21-1992)
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 138 lbs.

Mez is the other main character. He was introduced as Dan's friend who’s part of this adventure. Do you think you're a Mez-like friend?

His physical design is quite average. He’s a mix of two gray wolf subspecies.  The only thing that's really unique about his appearance is his square muzzle. Most wolves would have longer and thinner ones. Mez's left ear isn't as stiff as his right. Though he could hold it up, it's much more comfortable (And cool looking) just to let it flop to the side.

Mez is the kind of person that could get along with anyone...except ???. But that's because of what happened to his dad. The necklace he always wears was ???. Which he received after ??? returned from ???...

Growing up with strict parents and restricted funds, Mez didn’t even end up like whiny Dan. He was pretty happy with his life until 2001. When Christmas 2003 came along, the happiness was gone.

Name: Agent ??? (???)
Species: Pygmy Rabbit Hybrid (Brachylagus Idahoensis Hybrid)
Age: 28 (??-??-1982)
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 123 lbs.

Who is Agent ???? Does he work for the government or something else entirely? Should we call him friend or foe? Whatever those details are, prepare to see him...Or not.

???'s body design is small and agile. Though a hybrid, he mostly exhibits rabbit traits. Compact, but strong, feet help him move around. His two toned long and sturdy ears help him listen in on his subjects. His short squared muzzle, however, isn't of typical rabbit design. The tail usually isn't seen due to his jacket.

His attire isn't ???... He prefers it this way though. It helps distinguish him from the other agents, of which he considers ???. The ???... suit is ???..., which is why he wears the collar up. The shoes increase his jumping ability using ???. He is never seen without glasses due to his ???... Independence and pride describe him. He's one of the top ???... But, his reluctance to accept help and defiance of authority has kept him from being a ???. This mission is his chance to prove he's worthy of dawning an ???... It’s also his last chance to prove he can ???.

??? was assigned on a mission to investigate one of many ???... Waiting in the ???..., he noticed someone ???... ??? jumped off the ??? and attempted to stop him. However, it was too late. The source of the ???.... All that was left to do was track his new ???. Under the orders of ???...


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